Design easy, fun  festive Christmas watercolor projects from the comfort of your home! Grab a hot cup of tea (or coffee) and savor the sweetness of the Christmas season! You get lifetime access.
Home for the Holidays:
A Winter Watercolor Course
Sink into the joy of the Christmas season with easy, fun, and festive holiday home paintings...all done in less than an hour in the comfort of your own home.
Now with 10+ online workshops
NEW for 2023:  "Snowy Red Home with Favorite Christmas Carol"
a cute & cozy watercolor sketch featuring a comfy home keeping its family warm as "the weather outside is frightful.")
This 2023 new addition might be my favorite :)
S T A R T   C R E A T I N G  T O D A Y !
Settle into the spirit of the season. Delight in the simple pleasures of creating at Christmas.
It's so much fun to create and each session in 'Home for the Holidays' is designed to be created in less than an hour, perfect for a Friday evening or an hour on the weekend.
It doesn't have to take a lot of time to create lovely art.
And you don't have to have a lot of experience! Home for the Holidays is meant for creatives and holiday enthusiasts of all abilities.
This year, why not stop the hustle and bustle and step into the joy of the season by creating a set of watercolor Christmas paintings with my course, "Home for the Holidays?"

This isn't a magic wand for ringing some holiday cheer into your life...but it's pretty close.

It doesn't have to take a lot of time to settle into the Christmas spirit.

A few thirty- or sixty-minute breaks of painting can make a difference in your outlook, your energy, and your mood for the month while re-igniting a bit of the wonder of the Christmas season.

These holiday homes and scenes will build up your own anticipation and wonder for the "most wonderful time of the year."

Together we will create cozy scenes that light up our hearts with a sense of warmth, joy, and all the feelings of Christmas.

This is a low-pressure, fun painting Christmas course for painters and creators of all ages and abilities :)
Each workshop within the course is designed to be finished in less than an hour, several in less than 33 minutes (not including dry time)!
Together, We Will Create
A night in December: paint a starry sky with a simple, cozy home. I'll show you how to add in details to contrast the warmth and festivity of the home against the cold night.
A merry holiday home that is probably more Christmas-y than we'd ever want to LIVE in, but would be a delightful place to visit for a weekend in December
A welcoming door opening into a warm home flanked by a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree and wreath on the door. This scene looks like the heart of Christmas.
Inspired by Paris: Create an American street inspired by the French! The colors are a bit unconventional (pinks & blues) but the effect is pure holiday happiness!
Snow families, Christmas trees, wonderful wreaths, and more distinctive details to make each piece your own
There is a lot in this course, but you can pick and choose what fits your mood and desire this year.
But there's more
- 7 workshops (and some with multiple "holiday homes" + 2 bonuses

- A fun workshop on color theory. I'll share simple secrets to creating paintings that "sing" with harmonious color combinations

-The course is available once you purchase and yours to keep. Come back next year to go through the sessions not yet done.
-Go through at your own pace and pick where to start
Special Extra-Gifts included in Home for the Holidays
Let's Go Sledding : New Christmas Home against a snowy hillscape especially for 2021
Watercolor Warmup: Christmas Style. Has it been a while since you pulled out your paints and brushes? We'll go through some exercises to help you feel ready to paint in no time!
"Paint the Extras" class with instruction on swapping out different things in paintings to create your own special home scene.
{Fun} Lecture on Color Theory and How to Create Colors that Sing.
I'm Ready! Let's start painting!
By the end of this class, you will...
Completed 7+ paintings of homes, trees, wreaths decorated and ready for the holidays
Learned how to take one basic design and put your own creative "spin" on it to create your own design
Experienced the joy of the creating without having to decide what to create
Increased your confidence in your abilities to create beautiful art!
Creating your own gifts and décor is a
satisfying and fulfilling accomplishment.
I'm ready to start painting!
Now's the time, friend.
This season is crazy, let this bring peace and calming
Even if you only have two time slots to create in December – I know how busy and fast the month is – you will be able to create at least two full paintings.

This may be the ideal class to help decrease the sense of stress and anxiety and recapture a bit of the wonder Christmas is.
I'm Melissa!
The artist behind Home for the Holidays.
I'm excited to go through this journey with you as your begin to prepare your hearts for the Christmas season. Imagine what beautiful paintings you'll have completed and hung in your home. I can't wait to see them come to life!
Frequently Asked Questions
How much experience is needed to complete this course?
If it's been a while or you've never painted with watercolors, you will create lovely paintings by the end! I teach with basic shapes so that as many as possible can experience the joy of painting holiday homes.

If you are feeling a bit wobbly in painting with watercolors, consider this an invitation to play!

I recommend you start with the "Bonus: painting the extras" session and build your confidence in creating snow families, holiday wreaths and Christmas trees.

If you've painted with watercolors before, it will be easier to jump into this course, but anyone will pick up this casual and relaxed painting style quickly.
This course was created for everyone who loves home and the holidays. More experienced creators will enjoy making their own details and unique add-ons.
Do I need a hundred different supplies?
You'll need basic watercolor supplies: 9x12 watercolor paper, about 7 colors (hookers green, red, burnt sienna, phthallo blue, yellow, paynes gray, etc), two paintbrushes, masking tape, a pencil, eraser, and micron pens.
I encourage you to use what you have! If you've painted with watercolors before, you probably have all that you need. 
There is a full list of supplies that you can download and/or print out, including the specific paint colors, inside the course. 
What am I going to do with all this art?
So, maybe you didn't ask this question :)
But, I want you to think of all the ways your creative gifts can brighten and beautify your life...and others.
Consider the possibilities:

-Create several paintings for your own scrapbooking, journaling, and collage creating (I have a special bonus section focusing on the fun "extras" of scenes. Doodlers will love this)

-Create special gifts to send in the mail to brighten the mantles (and faces) of loved ones

Take the skills you learn to create a replica of your own ideal Christmas or even the Christmas of your childhood
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