FREE 'taster session'! Jump into the joy and wonder of the season through simple, festive watercolor paintings.
Create 'Snowy Church' (for free), one of the 7 workshops my Home for the Holidays Watercolor Course.
Re-capture the wonder and joy of the Christmas season when you paint this cozy church. (Painting in the upper left corner).
Takes less than 47 minutes (doesn't include dry time)!
  • Step-by-step video instruction through sketching, painting, and final details
  • Experience the calm and fun of setting aside 30ish minutes to create festive art!
  • You'll finish a complete painting with this free session - plus, there is no obligation to purchase the course after you complete the workshop (but I think you may want to!)
  • Easy to follow watercolor art - ideal for those who feel "rusty" in their painting
  • Bonus! "Christmas Watercolor Warmup" included + supply list
Grab your favorite holiday drink, turn on the Christmas tree lights, get your paints, and create fun & festive art with me :)
Quiet creating for even an hour a week is a wonderful way to sink into the joy of the season (no matter what the year has served up!)
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