Paint Gorgeous Gladiolus!
Paint a 'garden of gladiolus' in less than 60 minutes (even if you haven't painted with watercolor before!)
  • Create these gorgeous flowers with only 3 colors
  • Follow along from the inital sketch to the first layer of color to the beautiful details
  • The beauty is in the layers! Learn easy ways to add depth to flowers
Don't like to sketch? Not a problem. We do a light sketch (see the picture above) but move on to the painting very quickly :)

A fun way to relax and create, ideal for anyone who loves flowers and enjoys painting
Enter your details below to start painting :)
I would love to paint with you! Painting flowers is one of my favorite things to do, along with showing others how they can paint flowers too!
Anyone can learn to paint flowers. Painting flowers is a wonderful way to create beauty, relax, and celebrate the gift of flowers. 
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