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Turn frustration into fun!

The Petals & Stems Watercolor Bootcamp (May 19 - 21)

Feel confident about painting flowers with watercolor.
Are any of these true for you?

  • Do paintings turn out more messy than magical?
  • Do your color combinations sing...or hit a flat note?
  • Are you feeling uninspired or intimidated by a blank piece of watercolor paper?
  • Feel frustrated by petals and flower details that look flat?
  • Are you looking for fresh ideas for painting flowers?
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of supplies you have (or think you need)?
This bootcamp is for you. 
By the end of Day 3, you will:

-Know the one thing every beautiful painting has in common
-Complete 3 floral watercolor sketches (and regain your confidence)
-Understand the 'secret' of making colors sing on paper
-Sketch boldly and quickly
-Feel excited about painting flowers with watercolor
Learning to paint is like many other skills and hobbies: it takes knowing the right things to practice and a few behind-the-scene "keys."

There are a handful of best practices to watercolor painting fun. Once you know these keys, you can create all sorts of beautiful paintings.

I love to to teach others how to paint beautiful flowers.

It is so much fun to go from timid to bold in your painting style! We are going to have a great time together :)


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