Explore Psalm 23 with simple, lovely floral watercolors and a prayer-full heart.
No need to be an artist or a bible scholar.
Looking for a bit of rest and creativity in short sessions?
Now, "taste test" the course with two free sessions (when you enter your email below). Each session is about 30 minutes.
Watch & hear about the joy found in diving deep in Psalm 23 with your paints and prayers in the message below.
Ready to paint and pray through Psalm 23?
Spending time in the Bible is never wasted. Psalm 23 is life-giving, full of promises and instruction.
But sometimes we need to change the way we approach the Bible. 
A few years ago, when I sat down to read or tried to focus on talking with God, my mind kept interrupting. 
It was so "loud" inside my own head; it was hard for me to get internally quiet to listen and talk with our Good Shepherd.
Is season especially hard? Maybe it's a weariness of slogging out the ins and outs of regular life. Life is hard. We all get worn down.
What do your heart and mind need?  Nourishment? Energy?
Renewed vision? Direction?
Where do we go when a vacation (or even a good, long break!) isn't available?
I started doing some different practices... long walks. focusing on a small part of scripture over and over instead of long readings. adding creativity into quiet time.
We can find rest and restoration for our hearts and bodies even in the middle of regular, busy living.
Come away refreshed and encouraged when you set aside time to pray, paint, and dive deep into Psalm 23.
This psalm is rich with so much: direction, restoration, guidance, assurance, leadership. 
As part of this journey through painting and praying through Psalm 23, you'll create a collection of lovely, floral watercolors to remind you of your rich time in the Psalm and the faithfulness of our Shepherd.
If you decide you'd like to purchase the rest of 'Praying & Painting through Psalm 23,' you'll have that option to purchase in the "preview" course.
Regardless of whether you purchase the full course or not, the two sessions are yours to keep! 
I'm so excited for you to paint with me and savor the goodness of Psalm 23!
Grab your favorite beverage (I'll have my cup of coffee with a generous amount of cream) and I'll see you inside :)
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