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Exuberant Flowers Watercolor Course!

Do you love color?

Do you love to paint (but aren't so excited about sketching?) 

Do you love flowers?

If you said "yes," to all of these things, I would love to invite you to this fun, easy floral course!
This course is for all levels of painters, but especially created for those who feel nervous about their gifts.

I hear so many people say, "I'm not artistic, but I want  to paint." 

You, my friend, can paint. 

It's not about talent (at least not the way I teach!). 

It's about learning a few skills: developing an eye for form, how to combine colors that "sing" and developing a bit of confidence.

We'll do all of that in this course!
What you'll receive:

- Six full workshops. Each workshop includes sketching, painting, detail work

- List of supplies including colors, brush sizes, etc.

- BONUS: Make Your Colors "Sing" Recording
I go over each step with you. 

Sketch, paint, and add detail work with me.

There's no such thing as a "failed" painting. I'll share how to take paintings that seem to be turning out poorly and change them into pieces you like :) 

It's easier than you might think.

And, I'll let you in on a secret: most of my paintings get worse before they get better!
Are you ready to start painting lovely, big, gorgeous paintings of flowers! 

- Field of flowers
-Wildflower Bouquet
And much more....

Everything here for $47

I'm so excited for you to paint with me!