Discover the fun of painting "portraits" of elegant, spring tulips!
Learn to Paint Tulips with Watercolor in Ink in Less than 2 hours (even if it's been years since you've picked up a brush).
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You don't have to spend hundreds of hours to enjoy painting beautiful flowers.
Learn what to look at, how to use colors like a pro, and other simple techniques and become a beautiful tulip portrait painter!
My name is Melissa. I've learned how to paint mostly on my own, figuring things out, taking classes, watching my grandfather in my early years, and doing lots of experimenting (that's a fancy word for bad painting!).
I'll share how I've learned to paint lovely flowers. It is NOT hard, but it does take a bit of practice and knowing a few techniques.
In this {free} online course, you'll paint three watercolor paintings in less than 2 hours. It's fun to paint with watercolor...and it is not hard too learn!
+ Receive 2 free stickers...absolutely free! 
I'll send you two beautiful vinyl stickers from my collection :)
IF you decide you love the the Tulip Portraits and want to paint with Melissa all year, sign up for a "Year of Painting Beautiful Blooms" and receive 50% off the price.
But there is no requirement to do anything now. You can paint the tulips, receive the stickers and enjoy the fun of creating lovely paintings.
All I need is an email address to send you the link to get into The Creative Season academy and a mailing address to send your stickers (I'll reach out to you for a mailing address once you sign up.)
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