Experience the joy of painting Paris!
I have always loved Paris.

From dreaming to planning to stepping out of the plane into the busy city of Paris, my affection for this romantic and iconic city has only intensified.

I have painted the city and my favorite impressions of it - the flowers, the architecture, the food, and of course, the Eiffel Tower, for the past few years.

Now you can paint with me. 
I still recall taking this picture, tilting my iphone up to get in the tower against the blue sky. 

I dreamed of Paris when I returned from that trip.

And then I started painting.
First, I started with fun, playful watercolor sketches.

After some study and experimentation, the Eiffel Tower started popping out all over my paintings and sketches!
I can't wait for you to find out how easy it is to recreate the Eiffel Tower and add your own fun details!

You'll receive two workshops within this course.

Workshop #1 - Paint the Eiffel Tower in 20 Minutes - shows how to focus on the foundation. It's so important to look for the basic shapes when we start...then go for detail. (Plus, you don't need ALL the detail to create a beautiful painting- I'll show you how to figure out what to keep...and what to leave out)!

Workshop #2 Paris in the Spring! 
We get a little more bold in this one - and have a TON of fun!
Add in layers of watercolor splatters to create a field of flowers around the Eiffel Tower.
Paint two of these joyful and color-drenched Paris paintings with me, one vertical and one horizontal. 
You will have SO much fun.

Paint two beautiful watercolors with me and then start painting your own (you won't want to stop painting!)!

Only $29 for this weekend workshop.

Plus, a bonus video with the materials I use and fun tips on how to make your colors "sing."

Normally, each workshop is $29. You'll receive two weekend workshops in The Paris Collection! Can't wait to start painting with you :) 

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