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From Timid to Bold:
Fantastic Flowers in 4 Weeks
Learn how to create gorgeous, luscious, amazing florals! 
This course is going to build each week with fun, engaging paint-with-me lessons.

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The Paris Collection
Throughout the years I've painted the iconic city! Now all the classes are in one place!

Journey with me to the City of Lights, Romance, and the best croissants!
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Exuberant Florals Course
How to Paint Spring Flowers with Little to No Sketching!

Give me all the color! You'll learn how to use a spring palette to paint a variety of beautiful and vivid flowers.

Ideal for those who want to paint with more boldness and less precision.

Six workshops included in this self-pacedcourse.
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Small Home Splatter Art
New to painting?

Learn how to paint a home with a tree (and tree spring).

I'll show you how to add your own details to make your paintings all your own.

Wonderful for those new to watercolor.
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Love to create?
Enjoy a class with me.
Get a taste of my style of painting here or jump into a course here.
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