Move from unsure to confident in your ability to paint gorgeous flowers!
From Timid to Bold!

4 Weeks of Fantastic Floral Painting
This is a fun, let's-learn-fast approach for anyone new to watercolor painting or to painting flowers.
Get access to 4 sessions of training & teaching. You'll be painting gorgeous flowers quickly.
I share all my "secrets."
By the end of 'From Timid to Bold,' you will have the skills to design a floral composition and paint it...with the flowers from your garden or local store!
You'll learn how to:
  • Understand the 3 concepts that make a painting work
  • Put together a group of spring and summer color combinations that you can use again and again (with dozens of different combinations)
  • Paint 4 completed paintings by the end of the course
  • Learn how to take cut flower bouquet and turn it into a beautiful painting
  • Feel confident in your ability to design and paint a delightful floral painting with watercolor paint
No need to be nervous about watercolors or an empty piece of watercolor paper anymore.
No more spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to sketch or what colors to use.
I teach busy people how to learn to paint as fast as possible (because we don't have time for deep fundamentals...we want to get to the fun!)
In four sessions, you'll feel inspired, excited and completely able to paint flowers.
What you'll get
Session 1 - Refine Your Artist's Eye
In this first week, we'll look at the foundation of setting up your composition....with one of my favorite flowers, tulips!
We'll leave overwhelm behind as we paint our first bouquet together.
I'll teach what to look for, what to focus on, and what NOT to obsess about (this is most important)! You'll leave this week with a gorgeous bouquet of tulips.
Session 2 - Grow Bold with our Hydrangea Painting
In session 2, we are going to create a really big painting of the lovely and elegant hydrangea. 
If you are feeling ultra-timid, this painitng will increase your confidence quickly and move you into the boldness zone.
You'll be surprised at how much you will grow after you complete this beautiful painting!
Session 3 - Secrets of Colors that Sing
Color is one of my favorite things to teach. Learning how to combine different colors has been the difference-maker in my artistic journey.

I'll teach you an easy way to navigate the often complex world of color. Learn how to create "delicious color" -as one of my mentors used to say- through seasonal color archetypes.
This week may change the way you look at color palettes for your art, your home, even on your walks through nature!
In Session 4, we bring it all together!
In week 4, we'll take everything we learned previously and bring it together to paint a gorgeous, full, BOLD bouquet.
This week is all about coming to our creative space with boldness and a dash of brilliance!

We build off of the other concepts we've learned: distinct characteristics, shape, and color.
After you finish 'From Timid to Bold,' you'll feel confident in your ability to:
1. Identify what makes a lovely floral composition.

2. Know what to keep...and what to leave out of your floral painting!
3. Understand the foundation of how to create color combinations that sing.
Plus, you'll experience the joy of having your own watercolor work of art.
Imagine finishing a painting and realize,
Taking Melissa's course was so fun and helped me to finally pick up the paint brush again! I forgot how much I loved to paint. I felt like a part of me came alive again :)
-Kendra Conkle
Receive the 2021 'Petals & Stems' Watercolor Bootcamp for FREE when you purchase
Timid to Bold.
  • 4 Hours of MORE Floral Paintings
  • Paint Peonies, Sunflowers, & Tulips
  • Step by step instruction on painting on a limited time budget (finish in less than an 60 minutes)
  • If you have not painted flowers before, experience the fun of, "Did I really paint that?" 
  • Learn my fun way of creating a color wheel with a garden of tulips!
This is ideal for you if you have asked yourself these questions:
  • How can I paint vibrant flowers without hours of practice?
  • What happens when I get stuck in a project?
  • How can I be more confident when I have a blank piece of watercolor paper in front of me?
  • How can I get more ideas for floral paintings?
  • How can I get my flowers to look less flat? 
  • My colors don't seem to be working together? What should I do? 
  • How can I paint a flower when it's hard to even sketch it?
From Timid to Bold Painting Course: $47 
  • 4 Pre-Recorded Sessions
  • Supply List of Essential + Recommended Materials
  • "Tips, Ideas & Inspiration to Keep Growing" Final Class (pre-recorded)
  • BONUS Workshop- from the "Exuberant Florals Course" - Paint a Garden of Zinnias with Splatter Art (with minimal sketching)
  • BONUS- Deep Dive into "Creating Color Combinations that Sing: Looking to the Seasons for Color Directives"
I'm excited for you to join me and dive into the joy and fun of painting flowers!

It's so much more fun to paint when we've got some courage in our hands and hearts. The blank paper becomes less intimidating when we have some skills and tools.

My grandfather was a fine artist. When I was a teenager, I sought out art lessons and he graciously gave me tips and pointers, but told me firmly, "Don't be an artist."

Dabbling in art was a constant but taking art seriously didn't come until I was well into my professional career.

I share this to remind you it doesn't matter how old you are or how "not-artistic" you think you are.

We are all creative and can learn to create lovely floral art.

I don't come from a formal background in art and I learned.

So can you.

The important part is to paint. To create. To add to the beauty in life.

That's my goal for you by the end of this course.

To painting flowers with boldness and beauty,
In the Next 4 Weeks, You'll Grow In...
Becoming a Color Enthusiast
Learn a "new," fun way of combining color for vibrant flowers! (You may find yourself telling everyone about this way of viewing color!)
Design Composition

Design unique compositions without formal training!
You'll learn what to include in your paintings...and what NOT to include.

After you go through these sessions, you WILL get bolder in the way you approach painting, floral design and sharing your beautiful gifts with the world. 
Painting More Often

My goal is for you to surprise yourself with all the painting you do in the next month!
Floral Knowledge
We are going to learn more about flowers, how to "see" them, and how to bring more florals into your life.
Learn through taking more risks in the weekly sessions which will lead to increased confidence in putting paintbrush to paper!
Frequently Asked Questions
For $47, gain instant access to all these resources and take the guesswork out of creating floral paintings that sing!
Get access to the content, training, community, and private coaching to help you grow as a watercolor floral artist and 
have a BLAST painting & creating gorgeous flowers.
From Timid to Bold: 4 Weeks of Floral Painting
+ the May 19-21 Petals & Stems Bootcamp recordings (Normally $19)

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