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22 Feb 2023
5 ideas for watercolor projects that will brighten the winter months while we wait for spring. Lots of color (and fun, simple) projects inside!
24 Jan 2023
23 Ideas to Infuse Lots of Wonder into 2023. In the past I have focused on building in more creativity. This year I am focused on wonder. It could be a difference maker.
3 Dec 2022
TIs the busiest time of the year. In spite of the intensity, recapture a bit of the joy and wonder with this simple evening practice.
19 Nov 2022
Why I paint a "Thankful Home" each November + tips for painting your watercolor thanksgiving home
30 Jul 2022
Tips & ideas to avoid the "muddy" watercolor and create splatter art that sings!
30 Jul 2022
Do you love the idea of painting gorgeous floral art without {hardly any} sketching? Love creating vibrant art with bright colors with a bit of an abstract feel? You'll love this splatter-style technique.
7 Jul 2022
How the new watercolor YT collection, The Garden Series" came to be and what I'm painting (hopefully with you!) this summer.
9 Jun 2022
Tips and Inspiration from my deep dive into painting flower portraits from some of my favorite spring and summer flowers including sunflowers, stargazer lilies, tulips, gladiolus, and more!
28 Mar 2022
This past month I spent a LOT of time painting mountains and learning new things. In this post, I share links to the videos, what I learned and what's next!
23 Feb 2022
22 ideas to keep your creativity sparkling in the new year including creative gatherings, using new mediums, and painting through a beloved book
25 Jan 2022
Two flower-inspired watercolor projects that might be a wonderful way to frame your word of the year for 2022.
16 Jan 2022
How I'm moving into the new year even when I'm not entirely sure of where I'm going. Ideas & inspiration for the winter season.
9 Dec 2021
Stay inspired through December with these creative workshops! Holiday discount for the Collective when you use the code "merry."
4 Dec 2021
Regardless of the kind of year you’ve had, you can experience the wonder of the season. Take time to reflect on the promise of Christmas with these Advent watercolor exercises.
17 Nov 2021
Celebrate the season by setting aside time to create this darling home and remember the year's gifts
8 Nov 2021
Shop fun & festive Christmas cards from Melissa and The Creative Season
5 Nov 2021
How to finish your creative projects (and other other goals/projects) with lightening efficiency + plus feel fantastic
18 Oct 2021
It's been a journey to get them to production and I am thrilled to share them with you!
27 Sep 2021
Ideas for creating stunning watercolor leaves + 9 ideas for how to incorporate watercolor leaves into the autumn
31 Aug 2021
It happened sometime around the spring of 2020, when the world was shutting down. No one knew what to do, not really.
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