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6 Feb 2024
Winter has never been my favorite season, but this year I'm discovering its gifts...and the invitation. Feeling a bit weary? Worn down by the winter season? What would a season of embracing the gifts of winter do for your heart, body, and soul?
5 Jan 2024
How slowly reading, praying, and painting through Psalm 143 helped me out of a dark season
28 Dec 2023
Resting and finding renewal (and some joy!) in celebrating Christmastide / advice for the creatives who are tired post Christmas
5 Dec 2023
How the "keepers of Christmas" can stay energized, avoid burnout & experience the joy of the season as they serve and gather during December
29 Nov 2023
A 15 Watercolor Project each week for the Season of Advent in 2023
29 Nov 2023
Seven Ideas to Slow Down the Pace and Make Christmas Week Cozy & Cheerful
4 Nov 2023
A simple and relaxing watercolor project to reflect on 2023 and record the gifts and blessings of the year.
21 Oct 2023
Ideas and Inspiration to finish a few things before the end of 2023. Fall provides the energy and atmosphere to finish our year well. What few things could you complete before the year ends?
24 Aug 2023
The two lessons summer teaches over and over again.
24 Aug 2023
Inspiration and encouragement from one of the 20th centuries most beloved devotionals + using devotional to continue strong in our work and walk
26 Jul 2023
Highlights from the 2023 Victoria Magazine Retreat in Middleburg, VA + Favorite Pictures and Events
5 Jul 2023
New Sunflower Collection + Fun Insight from Beloved Summer Flower
30 May 2023
My surprising discoveries when I went outside to paint + seven essential tools to take when painting plein air style
4 May 2023
Memories from my beloved grammy on letter writing, securing memories and passing on joy and love through handwritten letters
28 Mar 2023
I taught one of my favorite techniques, splatter art, at a floral painting party this month. It was so, so fun. Here are ideas on how to host your own spring painting party!
21 Feb 2023
5 ideas for watercolor projects that will brighten the winter months while we wait for spring. Lots of color (and fun, simple) projects inside!
23 Jan 2023
23 Ideas to Infuse Lots of Wonder into 2023. In the past I have focused on building in more creativity. This year I am focused on wonder. It could be a difference maker.
3 Dec 2022
TIs the busiest time of the year. In spite of the intensity, recapture a bit of the joy and wonder with this simple evening practice.
19 Nov 2022
Why I paint a "Thankful Home" each November + tips for painting your watercolor thanksgiving home
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