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There is nothing that creates a sense of belonging in a home

than when the art goes up on the walls.

Hanging the art is always one of the first things I do when moving into a new place.

Your art and photographs but they tell a story of your own journey, of the home you are creating, of the life you live and invite others into.

What are you celebrating or commemorating? A new home or promotion? Perhaps it is a season of life where you are infusing your home with confidence and color as you go in a new direction.

I remember when I bought my first piece of original art.

I knew it had to come home with me, partly because it sang to me the instant I saw it. It was at an art show in Palo Alto, California. My grandfather was showing his art there and I was visiting him and having lunch with him. He'd recently returned from Italy and painted several of the scenes he'd encountered on the trip.

I remember stopping even before I said 'hello.' I've always been biased towards his work (it was my grandpa afterall), but this piece seemed to strike me in a deep place. The turquoise waters and color-filled city scape against the green mountains of La Cinque Terra seemed to call my name.

I knew if I didn't buy it, it would sell, and I would forever regret losing it. You know when something sings out to you. I had just started my professional career, making "real" money and this was my first purchase of an original piece.

"Are you sure?" he asked me, raising his eyebrows ever so slightly.

I hardly said what I felt about it. The words, "oh, yes," fell out of my mouth as my hand simultaneously reached for my checkbook.

It's been on my walls ever since, to every place I've lived in the past 19 years.

Adding to your collection of art isn't simply about decorating the walls.
The art you choose sets the tone for your home, a sense of place, belonging, mood. Throughout the years, your signature look will change and evolve as you add pieces, move homes, change jobs, go through all the seasons of life.

Each original piece, whether it is a painting, a piece of furniture, or a family heirloom brings a sense of elegance and confidence into your home and office, reflecting part of the unique individual you are.

You are not creating a décor theme or emulating a design trend. Choosing art is about creating a home, a life, a place to belong, to rest and celebrate.

Whether this is your first piece as you start your collection or you already have several pieces, it is my goal to create art that inspires, adds sophistication and a touch of warm elegance to your life.
I'm Melissa,
the artist behind The Creative Season.
I create art to memorialize the special occasion,
to add what I call, 'affordable luxe,' to your home, your office, your life.
My goal is to create beautiful art to celebrate the special season of your life: the promotion you worked for the, the debt you paid off, a long-desired child, a new home, the completion of a huge project, an engagement, a new chapter in life.

Original art stays with you for life, a memorial to who you are and a legacy to those who come after you. I create collections of what I call, light luxury.

What is affordable luxe art?

It is all original art without the exorbitant prices, created in distinct collections, released only at certain times of the year.

Apart from a few luxe stationery collections released from beloved collections, all of my work is original. I do not copy or distribute it en masse. (No coffee mugs or yoga mats here!).

For years, I've said that fresh flowers and a fresh cup of coffee is my idea of luxury. The most beloved and beautiful things are more accessible that we often think. I love pointing out the beauty in life that is available for all of us. The beauty of flowers, of nature is restorative and invigorating in a way few other things are.

I want original art to be affordable for those who love to collect art and create an ambience of fresh beauty with a touch of timeless elegance to their homes.

Life is hard. Creating a home and workspace filled with light, beauty, and confidence is one way we create homes and businesses that are a haven from the harshness of life.
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A few fun facts about me:

I'm a conference/retreat junkie, drink entirely too much coffee, love pretty paper, fresh flowers, the occasional dinner party, and taking entirely too many pictures of family and friends. I still subscribe to print magazines and love repurposing the pictures and articles in collages or mailed to family and friends.

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