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This is a place for people who love flowers.

Some are admirers of beauty, and some are creators of it.
Many of us are both – we admire and create beauty. We have a deep appreciation and even a drawing towards beauty – in nature, in people, in homes, in gatherings. We see beauty hidden in ordinary places – like in the gift of flowers all around us.

Would you like to add more flowers into your life?

It is wonderful to be a collector of beauty, but would you also like to create lovely floral art? We can all learn to paint and enjoy the process of painting. Will we all be Monet? No. (I'm certainly not!).

But can we learn to be proficient, to grow to a place of flowing through strokes and colors and creating lovely works of art?
Oh, yes, a hundred times over!
We can not only learn, we can grow into artists of depth, enjoying times of creating, whether for ourselves or as gifts to share with others.

If there is a gentle stirring in you to begin – or continue- painting flowers, this is a space to explore, receive inspiration, learn, laugh, and play.

We are all given the gift of creativity in different capacities.

People who love flowers often have an aptitude for gardening, culinary arts, decorating, and painting. There is a natural inclination to add to the beauty around them.

What about you?
Does your love for flowers also extend to other artistic endeavors?
Do enjoy painting with watercolor and ink?
Is there a desire within you to learn?

Today is a beautiful day to start painting, creating, and appreciating the gift of flowers at a deeper level. Something shifts when we go to being admirers of beauty to active participants in creating it!

Learning to paint doesn't take a lot of time or tons of supplies, especially with watercolor.

The happy habit of painting flowers starts by using what you have – time, energy, and a few supplies – in the margins of your life.
This is a place for those interested in blending faith + creativity.
In the last few years, I started creating courses and art to encourage others in their walk with Jesus.

These painting flowers + faith courses designed to:

• Blend creativity with time with Jesus (He gave us our desires, aptitudes, creative gifts – why not bring them into our time with him?).

• Journey through a smaller section of scripture slowly, thoughtfully, prayerfully.

• Paint along with the bible reflections, as a way of entering in deeper to the verses and what God is saying through them.

• Nurture times of prayer as we are with Jesus as we paint, to listen to Him, to receive His love and love Him back.

• Use the gift of creativity and play to connect with Jesus, quiet the internal chatter and enjoy times of rest and quiet.

• Create lovely art that will remind you of the psalm you painted and prayed through and continue to encourage and nurture your faith.
The "Painting and Praying through the Psalms" courses combine study and painting, prayer and creating.
They are a way to sink deeper into the Bible and your relationship with Jesus.

Something happens when I sit and paint for a while.

My heart quiets down.

The mind slows down the frenetic pace.

Turning the heart, mind and even my body towards Jesus and listening to what He might say is sometimes easier after I've painted for a little bit. In a way, the painting opens my heart.
I'm six again, swinging on the swing in the backyard, one hand clutching the daisies I plucked and the other gripping the swing. I sing to Jesus. He smiles back.

My heart is wide open, full of love and joy to simply be with Him.

Secure in the arms of Jesus.

Playful and prayerful. Can they go together?

Come and see.

Try a session  from "Painting & Praying through Psalm 23" or "Lead Me On: Painting through the Prayers of Psalm 143" for free. Explore the courses here.
I'm Melissa,
the artist behind The Creative Season.
I create art to add to the beauty in your life, to bring the outdoors "in" to your home or corporate space.
Original art collections are released a few times a year. I also create art for products: stationery and stickers and other gift items.
Shop the collections and products here.

A few fun facts about me:

I'm a conference/retreat junkie, drink entirely too much coffee, love pretty paper, fresh flowers,  throwing a dinner party, hosting a painting night.
I still subscribe to print magazines and love repurposing the pictures and articles in collages. Snail mail is my favorite. I love to send mail and pretty things to family and friends.

I believe there is gold hidden in the margins of our lives - those bits of time we have, twenty minutes here and there. In the margins of life is where we find space to dream, create, write, create.
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