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6 Ways to Bring More Flowers into Your Life this Year

7 Mar 2021
After a blistering year, I decided that 2021 was going to be the year of flowers for me. We need an extra dose of the beauty, endurance, and joy of flowers, yes?

Flowers have been a lifelong love, but this year I decided to bring them even more into my life: into my art, my home, entertaining, and a new garden.

I want to share why you might want to add more flowers into your life this year too.

Here are 7 ways to add more florals into your home and you life!
Put them in different rooms around your home.
I like to take a few bunches, mix them up, put them in different vases and start spreading them around my home, even putting them in unusual places, like the guest bathroom or the wide counter in my own bathroom.

You don't need to be a florist or be a master gardener to enjoy the benefits of more flowers in your home! Here are some ideas to bring more of the outdoors in...
Keep the Flowers Simple
Fresh flowers do NOT have to be fancy.

I lived with my paternal grandparents for about a month many years ago.

My grandmother loved roses and had several bushes in the backyard. When I would arrive back at the house, I would find fresh roses in a small vase in my room. The picture of a single rose or two in a vase, seated on the dark brown dresser is a memory imprinted deep in my brain.

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the art of flowers when we look through magazines like Victoria or any of the magazine covers at the grocery store or while scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram. But flowers are for everyone and there is no need for fancy bouquets.

Grab a bunch of flowers at the store, arrange them in a vase and enjoy them for as long as they grace your home.
Instead of a Variety, Go for the Look of Solidarity
One of my new favorite things to do is to get a bunch of one type of flower and spread it around my home.

Right now I have several branches (one of them is about to start producing buds!). I have my eye on finding lilac bunches next (inspiration from the newest art collection).

As spring starts to unfold, I'll be sure to pick up bunches of daffodils and set them around the apartment.

Bouquets of different flowers are gorgeous, but the simplicity of a single type of flower or branch can be stunning.
Begin Planning for Spring
Purchasing flowers from the farmers market or store is wonderful, but what about growing your own flowers? I live in an apartment so it feels like an impossible feat to grow flowers, but small container gardens are possible.

For those who have homes or perhaps live in a city where there is a community garden, this is the time to start planning your own garden.

Start dreaming and get those dreams on paper!

Note: sometimes we get stuck in the planning phase. After all, Pinterest and other social media / internet sites offer endless ideas. Limit the search time. This simple step of limiting how much time I "research" might be the one thing moving me from
Bring Flowers into Your Art
Flowers are some of the most inspiring and cheerful subjects to paint. It's always discouraging when a portrait doesn't turn out. Do you notice that even flowers that don't look exactly how we wanted to them to, but it's still lovely (and the flowers don't mind if we're "off" in the way we paint them?

Try adding flowers into your art. I release the occasional course or class on painting. You can sign up for the latest "mini-weekend" workshop here (it's complimentary when you create an account) or purchase this fun watercolor course on painting spring flowers (minimal drawing required!).
Bring Flowers into Your Home Design
Remember when sunflowers were all the rage in home décor?

Listen, they are still big, but there was a time when they were really big. My mom had sunflower EVERYTHING when I was in my teens. Plates, vases, wallpaper strips. Shoot, it was even in the clothing: sunflower scrunchies, tees, dresses, aprons.
I'm not sure if I'll every go completely into one floral design like my mom did, but one never knows. I have found bringing flowers into my home décor adds a lightness, buoyancy, and warmth I


Author: Melissa Auclair

Melissa Auclair is a floral artist.

You can find out more about Melissa Auclair


California, United States
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