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7 Ideas to Brighten Your Home in the Winter Months

25 Feb 2021
Regardless of what we are going through in our year, February is always a bit of a tough spot for me and I know for many others also. We're so eager for the spring: the warmth, for new growth, for the ability to go outside and play and garden or simply take a jog without worrying about sloshing through a muddy puddle or melting snow.

So, what can we do to spruce up our living spaces in February (and sometimes March) wintry months? As my mother used to tell me, "if you're bored, it's because you're boring." Of course, if any of my siblings or I said we were bored, she'd find some chores for us to do! So we learned quickly not to use the "b" word around my mom.
Here a few ideas for adding a bright spot to your home this February.
Note: while I'm using the word "home," know that this can apply to your office space as well. Consider that many of us have moved into the home for our work, it may be even more necessary to spruce up the office space (should this be a separate topic? I think it probably should be). It doesn't matter whether your office is a corner of a bedroom or you have a room designated as the office: it needs a spruce up too.

Afterall, your livelihood and ability to execute on your ideas and work is a significant part of your life and influences the rest of your life with monumental influence. Keep it fresh. Keep it inspired.

I'm going to share two easy fixes and one more complicated idea for brightening up your space. Listen, sometimes I need to throw myself into a more complicated project for an evening or a Saturday. It gets my mind out of the regular routine and problems that need solving.

First, add in some green living things to your room.

Second, try adding branches to your space.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of the branches I'd kept from a Christmas bouquet is actually growing and blooming with fresh buds on my countertop. What joy! In spite of the cold month, the budding branches and green plants seem to face winter with amazing resiliency.

It's amazing how a few fresh plants can liven up not only the feel, but the look of a place. Recently, I was in a friends home and she'd added three green plants to her room. One was on the counter. One was on a table. The final plant was a fern, hanging from the ceiling. They were clustered in the same corner of the room and when I entered, I stopped (literally) to take in the freshness and beauty of these simple plants.

Now, for those of you who feel like they kill all living things. I can relate. My sweet plant, Nora, is struggling to survive this month after several months of doing quite well with me. I will say it has caused me to pay attention and creatively think how this small plant and I can survive the month together! I'm moving her around to catch the sun and ensuring she doesn't go dehydrated or get too cold
Third, add some warm colors to your room with a few pillows, blankets, or a throw rug. Pink is a very nurturing color.

Choose a warmer pink that is not so "pinky." Other colors include a spring green (the indoor plants could substitute for this) or blue. Blue is cool, but it is a calming color and can add a sense of clarity to a cool room. Can you add a throw rug or blanket over the couch that brings out the warm color in one of your paintings?
Fourth, re-arrange your paintings.

Changing things up can add an easy (and no cost!) way to refresh an entire room.

Fifth, move the paintings down a bit and eliminate one of them. (Make sure there is an odd number of paintings on the wall. Changing things up always refreshes a room.

Our tendency is to hang paintings high.

Try hanging the focal painting at eye level or slightly above. Use that painting as the north star for everything else. It will give a completely different look to your art wall.
Sixth, create a gallery wall. (This is the more complex project). Check out Holly Becker's post on her wonderful blog Decor8. It's one of my favorite resource for planning and executing a gallery wall. She creates a wall with prints.

I'm a fan of collecting original art, yet it takes time, consideration and investment. If I need a quicker refresh of a wall (or moving into a new space) and want to play with a new look, creating a gallery wall with prints and photos is fun and freeing.

Seven, take several large coffee table style books and stack them up to create a "table" against the wall. Okay, this won't work if you have toddlers who will inevitably come and knock them down. An alternative idea is to stack them with their spines out along a single wall. I did this with one genre of books when I ran out of bookcase space. It's created an unexpected visual for my room.

I hope these ideas inspire you to look at your current space with new, creative eyes! I know it's cold outside and we're all eager for warm weather.
Author: Melissa Auclair
Melissa Auclair is a floral artist.

You can find out more about Melissa Auclair


California, United States
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