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2022 Word of the Year Watercolor Floral Projects

01/25/2022 01:06:41 +0000
How are you doing with the start of the new year? January was a bit of a rough start for me. Like so many other people, I did catch the virus and that threw a wrench in life for a little bit. Events, work, and so forth were put on hold – it was a big PIVOT to start the year off with.

Couple that with other stuff going on including feeling really, really meh about a lot of things and struggling to find direction. I finally told my youngest sister, "Let's just start the new year in February." Haha.
But seriously. I think I'm officially ringing in the new year on February first. I know I still have a bottle of sparkling cider ready to be opened :)

As I was in recovery mode, I listened to a podcast by the kind people at Wild at Heart (Ready for 2022). I decided to settle down and listen for a word of the year (or a few) for 2022.

I didn't do this last year and I'm not married to the idea, but this year it seemed to resonate. Some people utilize the word-of-the-year idea for what they want the year to be.

After listening to the podcast, I'm more of the mindset to pray over it and listen to what God might, might, might be whispering to me. Sometimes what we need is not what we want, right? BUT, taking care of the need is better. Listening instead of insisting is better. Growing deeper is better. It's ridiculous how long it takes to really learn these things.

As a bit of listening was done, the idea of creating a painting around the word began to percolate. With everything so cold out, the idea of warm and bright flowers seemed to be a pleasant project.
Two Flower-Inspired Painting Projects
Two projects came out of this idea.

The first project is a circle for the word of the year surrounded by a cornucopia of flowers. I chose pinks and purples, but there are so many lovely color combinations to choose from. Yellow and orange, a variety of blues, blue and purple, mauve and red, so many options.

The second project is a wreath inspired by the stunning beauty of winter with an expectant look towards the spring. It was inspired by an art design on a gift bag my cousin gave to me. I couldn't help looking at this bag over and over. It seemed to be asking me to create a spin off!

For this project, I added verses that are being memorized this year. There are so many options for these projects! Use either of these floral-inspired projects to create the background for a journal page, a quote, poem, or verses.
Protecting our Hearts
I'm not sharing what my words of the year are publicly, so you won't see them in the projects. More and more I want to give private space to the intimate things of the heart, the people in my life, the stories that are currently being lived out.
That might sound funny with something as harmless as a word-of-the-year, but if it's going to be something I pay attention to, I want to do it without others' opinions or me wondering what others think. Isn't funny how social has changed things like this? Our moms just didn't have to worry about this stuff.

Being incredibly vulnerable publicly online continues to be something I'm not crazy about. Being genuine is important but opening to the world and exposing one's heart so broadly...despite what others have told me (including coaches), I'm not a fan.
I will talk about things that have happened in the past, especially if I think someone else would be encouraged or learn something from what I've been through.
But, if it's something tender or hard (or both!), I want to ensure the heart, mind, and body have healed up and then share from that steady place.

What do you think?

Seriously. Would love to know your thoughts on being "vulnerable" online.
Please do reach out on one of the socials and dm me (I'm on Insta a few times a week) or shoot me an email [email protected]
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