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3 New Cards Released!

18 Oct 2021
Three new cards launched as part of the stationery collections this fall: two cards in the 2021 Wildflower Collection series and one new card in the Paris Collection. 
It's been a journey to get them to production and I am thrilled to share them with you!
Each card set comes with 10 cards and 10 white envelopes. The cards are printed on laid paper - this is beautifully textured paper that almost feels like watercolor! Wonderful for writing (and not smearing the ink)!
The 2021 Wildflower Stationery Collection
The wildflower collection birthed out of the course, "Praying and Painting through Psalm 23."

As I created watercolor floral art for the course, several people mentioned they would like to see this on a card.
Incorporating the art into a card became more of a challenge than I anticipated for a multitude of reasons.
I've discovered it's the topsy-turvy journeys that end being the most meaningful and memorable.
This wildflower card is a reminder to me that the Lord does indeed lead and guide me when I don't know the way.
The second card features a field of wild lavender, blowing in the breeze, ready to be harvested. Deep pinks and purples in all hues against the you want to walk in this field? As I painted this piece, a bunch of lavender stood next to me in a vase. Their fragrance took me right into the field!
The Eiffel Tower at Sunset : The Paris Collection
Finally, I have the lovely Eiffel Tower at Sunset card. The limitations on travel the past year inspired me to go back and "relive" some of my travels, both for an appreciation of these special opportunities I've been given and the anticipation of possible future trips.

You can see all the card collections, along with new stickers and other stationery in the shop here.
Thank you for shopping the art and cards! It means so much to me. If you have any ideas on card collections you would like to see (and mail to your friends, families, and colleagues) please let me know. You can email me at [email protected]
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