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Christmas Card Release!

11/08/2021 19:52:14 +0000
It's that wonderful time of year for sending lots of love and joy through the mail with Christmas cards!
I've got two new Christmas cards designs for 2021! 
This year I wanted to create a sense of cozy + classy Christmas with a good heaping dose of joy!
O Come All Ye Faithful Card
This card was inspired by a painting I created last year. 
It comes in packs of ten cards with envelopes.
All of the cards are printed on laid paper. I love laid paper! It is textured, almost like watercolor paper. Pens won't smear on it (my favorite part since I love to use a gel pen for my Christmas card!)
'Caught in a Snowstorm with You' Card Set
The 2nd new design is the goes with last year's "Girl with Wreath" design (see further below). 
This cozy couple might be a great card for a newly engaged or married couple!
Each set of 10 cards with envelopes is $15.00
5 More Classy, Cozy & Festive Christmas Cards
There are five returning Christmas cards ready to be you can fill them and send them on to colleagues, friends, and families. 
Plus, when you purchase by November 29th, receive 50% off your pack of 18 cards. 
Choose from these Creative Season original card designs:
Set of 18 cards with envelopes, printed on lovely laid paper for easy personalizing
I love this happy wreath girl. She is embracing the season in fashion and festivities. She is comfort and cozy and extends those feelings to all around her!
This card was inspired by a trip to France and those amazing French rooftops! The unconventional colors gives a bit of a surprise pop to the holiday spirit.
Created from an acrylic painting, this card embraces the reason for the season. 
Set of 18 cards, printed on laid paper, with white envelopes.
A family sings carols to a neighbor, bringing joy and smiles. It's amazing how there is so much joy in the simplest acts of care and love!
Artist: Melissa AuClair
Melissa is the artist behind The Creative Season and this year's cards. 
Follow Melissa on YouTube for painting ideas and inspiration here.
California, United States
The Creative Season © 2021

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