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Paint & Pray through Psalm 23

31 Aug 2021
It happened sometime around the spring of 2020, when the world was shutting down. No one knew what to do, not really.

Everything, in a sense, was brand new.

My job-from-the-car became a job behind a screen. The hours not spent on the road became hours spent with paints and watercolor and verse.
That is when I started painting watercolors inspired by verses.

As I thought on a verse that was especially pressing, what was in my head and heart began to drip onto sheets of watercolor paper.

Sometimes, it was the opposite though.

My mind was shuttered up with anxious thoughts so I couldn't focus, couldn't meditate on the bible verses, couldn't pray even.

Then I'd start to, a grassy hill, a small home with a twiggy wreath on a front door.
The motions of my hands helped my mind to settle down, focused my thoughts to come back to scripture, back to praying.

At first, I was creating paintings inspired by individual verses.

Then it turned into something a bit more.
Psalm 23 is Life for the Weary Traveler
It doesn't take a worldwide event to bring on fatigue.

We are in a crazy world. There are hard things going on all around us.
There are hard things going on in our own lives.

And sometimes, we need a break.
A bit of a retreat.

The problem is, what do we do with our cluttered minds and heavy hearts?

They go with us wherever we go (SO annoying).

But what if we could regain and relearn a way of rest and rejuvenation without even needing to leave the neighborhood?
I've created a course celebrating the joy of praying and painting through Psalm 23, releasing September 16, 2021.
Praying and Painting through Psalm 23 is an invitation to you, to come and be still and know God is still God.
After reading so many books on this gorgeous psalm, planting these verses deep in my mind as I walked on nature trails, and painting, painting, painting...I wanted to share this quiet retreat with you. 

An invitation to rest if you are feeling a bit rusty or worn out or fatigued.

An invitation to re-energize if you're feeling depleted.

An invitation to be led by the strongest and gentlest of leaders, for those who need some leadership in their lives.

An invitation to come and be with God our Lord, Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

Time with Psalm 23 has not magically changed my problems. Time praying through this Psalm and talking with Jesus has shifted how I see and what I do and made me aware of the Shepherd's incredible love for me, surrounding me.

And that is making a difference in my life.

Plus, we'll even come away with some lovely art, a beautiful way to remind us of this journey we took.
Come See What We Are Creating!
We are all busy with full lives and many responsibilities.
This is not a course to retreat from everything, but carve time each week to rest your mind, to relax your brain, to sit with Jesus in quiet, you and your watercolors, and Psalm 23 and create for a while.

I keep the teaching portions short, efficient, to the point.

I really want you to get to the you-and-Psalm23-and-the-paints part.

Here are some of the things we paint and think on:

• We'll paint a garden of zinnias as we think on the attributes of the Shepherd. Who He is and what that actually means to us.

• We all go through the valleys of life. The psalmist reveals gems about the benefits of the valleys we will inevitably go through.

• The gift and promise of mercy and goodness...all the days. If I stepped into this promise, if I remembered, how would I live differently?

• The similarities between sheep and hydrangeas (you might never look at hydrangeas the same way again)!
Psalm 23 has been a bit of an obsession (in the best of ways) for me for the past 18 months or so.

I've had it memorized since childhood, but early last year I started studying it and reading all sorts of books on the psalm. (I include a list of all I read in the course). I began praying and asking the Holy Spirit to make it real in my life where it wasn't, to help my unbelief.

If praying and painting through Psalm 23 sounds like something you would like, you can find out more here.

A few things to know:
• It's okay if you haven't picked up watercolors in a while (or ever).
There is a reason we aren't painting sheep! Animals can be hard to paint, but we can all paint flowers. (Yes, you can!)
• This is not a typical bible study, though you may find yourself drawn to study this gorgeous psalm as well as the references to God as our Shepherd through the Bible. I'll share what I am learning as we go through the lessons. But there's no homework or fill in the blanks, etc.

• The course is self-paced. Feel free to binge through all the lessons or split them into weekly sessions.

• Haven't prayed in a while? Start with the psalm. Start with painting. I share ideas for simple praying. It will come.

I'm excited about the journey ahead! If you have questions, please reach out.

If you have questions or a comment, I love hearing from you! Email me at [email protected] or reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram.

If you'd like to sign up for Painting & Praying through Psalm 23, click the button below.

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