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What season of life are you in?

In every season, there is an opportunity to explore and develop your creative gifts.

Your Creative Gifts are Like Seeds. Plant & Nurture them. Watch them Grow.
I help people dig deeper into their creative gifts and abilities to create a beautiful life (and beautiful art!) in the season of life they are currently in.
Life is made of seasons. They propel one right after another: our winters, springs, summers, autumns.
Some seasons we have more time to dive and explore our creative gifts, as in the hibernating winter seasons or the slower days of summer.
Often, the demands of life seems to squish out the opportunity to create.
And yet, there are always margins, pockets, of time to create.
I love helping others find and nurture those margins of time to create. It's such a joy to paint and design art with others. {If you are curious about the available workshops, click the button below.}
I started my journey as an artist by creating in those slim margins of time.
It wasn't a lot and it wasn't everyday. Bit by bit, those margins of time added up. Soon, paintings were completed, then collections. With a good amount of trepidation I stepped into new projects.
You can do this too. Is it in your heart to paint? To write? To create? Yes, it takes discipline, but mostly, it is a shifting of the mind and body to doing something different with our hours, our minutes, those margins of time.
Would you like to start creating in the margins of your life? Does it feel improbable right now (that sense of this won't work always lingers!). This article may encourage you.

Flower Themed Everything

Art  & Gifts to Inspire & Brighten Your Living and Work Spaces

Creating in the margins went from a labor of love to a dream unfolding...turning my love of art + flowers into a business.
I love releasing new, fresh, floral-themed art collections! It is a joy to paint, create, and see art travel to add to the beauty of homes and workplaces.
Each year a few collections of original art + gifts (stationery, stickers and other gifts) are released.
You can shop the current collection here.
Those who are part of The Creative Season Newsletter receive sneak peaks and first opportunity to purchase art! It is also the place where I share what is inspiring me + ideas and projects to inspire you. The newsletter is where I share the most. I'd love to share my inspiration with you. Sign up here to be a part.

Faith + Creativity

Go deeper in your faith and nurture your creative gifts.

Something shifts deep within our hearts, souls, spirits, minds, and bodies when we blend creating & painting with diving deeper into our walk with Jesus.
You have been gifted with creativity. Diving deeper into those gifts in our relationship with Jesus is a way to deepen our intimate experience.
The goal behind the faith based art courses is to:
-Help women settle into more time with Jesus (the painting works to calm busy hearts and minds).
-Grow our "roots" and strengthen our hearts through painting through the prayers and promises of a specific part of the Bible
-Explore and develop the creative gifts God has gifted each of us with
To learn more, click on the links below.

The Creative Season

creating art, gifts + experiences to bring beauty & resilience into life
My goal is to add a bit of luxe, a lot of beauty, and a touch of elegance to your home and life through my art and gift collections or through one of my courses.

Whether you love to create or enjoy collecting art, thank you for coming to my home on the internet. I am thrilled you are here! It is my joy & privilege to create for you and with you.
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