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3 Christmas Courses to Bring Fresh Idea, Joy, Inspiration to your Holidays

12/09/2021 14:17:32 +0000
Each year the month of December seems to fly faster and faster and faster. Grandma H. said it would be like this, but in my younger years, I did not understand what she meant.

Now I do.

In the cool, dark nights of December, I'm longing for something to slow down time a bit. Letting myself go into all the activity and hustle and bustle of the season, as wonderful as it can be, seems to hurry the time.

But there are things we can do that help time to linger a bit. Or, perhaps because we are intentionally lingering, we settle into the moments, seeming to slow them down.

One way to "slow" the moments of December and step into the wonder is setting aside a little bit of time for painting and creating.
Over the years I've discovered the joy and unexpected delight and calmness that comes when I sit and paint for a bit.
It Only Takes a Little Time to Step into the Christmas Spirit
You don't need a lot of time. Most workshops can be created in less than 47 minutes. This doesn't include the dry time (usually one 'dry time' for each workshop). The dry times create a natural break.

If you have two 25ish minute chunks during a week, you can create one painting a week with one of these Christmas-inspired workshops.

If your heart longs to slow down for a bit this December and experience a bit of comfort and cheer, you may enjoy these workshops.
If you have not painted with me before, be sure to try out the "taster workshop" – the Snowy Church. It's a full workshop from the Home for the Holidays: a Winter Watercolor Workshop, and it's a great way to see if you'd enjoy the course.

Access the {free} taster workshop here.
Home for the Holidays: a Winter Watercolor Workshop
Do you want to create Christmas-inspired art, but are unsure where to start?
In this course, we create several holiday homes including:

• a traditional church surrounded by snow
• a home at night with deer making an entrance on the front lawn (you can always subsitite a snowman for a deer, but they are not that hard to paint, promise!)
• a group of homes inspired by the architecture of Paris.
• a Christmas watercolor warmup, creating trees and snow man and wreaths
• a bold and cheerful red-roof home that looks like it is part of Santa's neighborhood
• a Christmas door with an evergreen wreath and 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree

Even if you have not picked up watercolors in a long time (or ever!), I think you will be surprised at how easy it is to create these lovely homes.

My goal is for you to make each painting your own. You can swap in your own distinguishing feature (Christmas tree, snowman, mailbox, etc.) to create the cozy home of your imagination.

Read more about Home for the Holidays and purchase here.
The Christmas Collective Online Workshop
 The Christmas Collective is a bundle of workshops from the 2020 online Christmas summit. Several creative friends graciously shared their expertise and love for the holidays in these pre-recorded sessions.
Access the Collective here for only $9 when you use the code MERRY at checkout!
My vision was to create a variety of workshops and tutorials in a variety of mediums (decor, culinary, watercolor, collage, family projects, etc.) that would inspire and give fresh ideas to the women who "make Christmas happen."
The workshops include watercolor projects, home decor ideas, kids projects, family projects, and a few fun interviews with amazing artists and creatives like Jeanne Oliver. Jeanne and I discuss creativity during the holidays, bringing "the outdoors inside" and how to decorate and celebrate in the season you are in, and much more!
I also interview NP Michele Broad from the Well Women Network. Michelle and I discuss how to stay healthy during the holidays, where we like to indulge, and the best ways to have a guilt-free Christmas season.
In all, there are more than 17 sessions. These women are life-giving and kind and generous in their expertise and gifts.
Read more and purchase the collection here!

The Christmas Collective is a bundle of workshops from the 2020 online Christmas summit. Several creative friends graciously shared their expertise and love for the holidays in these pre-recorded sessions.

About Melissa AuClair
Melissa AuClair is the artist and founder behind The Creative Season.  She paints mostly flowers and seasonal themes. She works mainly with watercolor, but also plays with acrylic and collage. She loves teaching others how to create within the margins of life.

Paint and create with Melissa on her YouTube channel here.
California, United States
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